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Pathozar a Level 10 Tauren Shaman

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 23, 2015 9:16 pm    Post subject: Pathozar a Level 10 Tauren Shaman Reply with quote

TØXIC Membership Application

Toon Info

Enchanting (625)
Skinning (1)

Your Info

United States 
Player Type: 
Are you in school?: 
Nights you are able to raid 3+ hours starting at 6PM server time:
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Armory Link:
Endgame Experience:
Pre-TBC Expansion
Gruul's Lair/Mag
The Eye
Mt Hyjal
Black Temple
10 Man Naxx
25 Man Naxx
10 Man Obsidian Sanctum
25 Man Obsidian Sanctum
10 Man Eye of Eternity
25 Man Eye of Eternity
10 Man Ulduar
25 Man Ulduar
10 Man ToC
25 Man ToC
10 Man ICC
25 Man ICC
Guild Forums:
I am willing to read the guild forums daily.
Comm Info:
Both Vent and TS Installed

Additional Information

Why did you roll your class?
i like shaman, and high dps roles.
Reasons behind your talent build and point allocation?
to max dps
What makes you better at your class than others of the same class?
i know and keep track of my proper spell rotation.
What did Blizzard forget from the standard package?
spell rotation addon. TSM and others
What is your role in a raid environment?
full dps. still new to raiding.
How well do you take criticism?
very well. im always willing to listen to see if i can improve my dps and skills.
What makes you think you're better than the other toon that just applied?
i listen well, and communicate with others. im not a noob WoW player
Who is backing you up in T Ø X I C if you flunk your app?
Have you played any other MMORPGs? And which ones?
beta tested ESO. played Tera, Rift, Aion and Eve online.
How many lvl 80 toons do you have on this server?
Guild history:
was in a small guild that belonged to a friend.
Write a short FORMAL LETTER of request to join our guild.
Hello Toxic Guild, my name is Eric, and I'm currently looking to join your ranks and learn to raid in the end game of WoD. i found out about your guild from some of your members whom i ran a dungeon with thru LFG option. they communicated well, and made the dungeon a lot of fun. even tho i did mess up a few things they corrected me and all without getting mad or raging. i would love to be in a guild that has that kind of atmosphere.
 I checked my spelling and grammar.
 I doublechecked my application.
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